I Want to be a Life Skills Coach 

YWCA Toronto is a national training center for Life Skills Coaches and the publisher of Life Skills resources.

We have been training community leaders, coaches and facilitators in the areas of communication, leadership and problem solving skills since 1973.

Life Skills training is particularly beneficial to professionals in social services, education, employment, mental health, youth services and human resources, as well as to consultants and trainers.

What can this training program do for you?

  • Enhance your career profile with a certificate issued by the leading Life Skills Coach training and publishing organization.
  • Advance your professional competitiveness with a training program recognized nationally by colleges, government funded programs and social service agencies.
  • Save preparation time with templates for designing new workshops or revising existing workshops.
  • Provides you with tips and techniques to increase the variety and creativity of your lesson designs.
  • Presents proven lessons and workshop materials gathered from numerous and diverse communities.
  • Gives you the confidence to respond to group issues and behaviour with appropriate exercises and activities.
  • Improve the attendance and increase the retention of learners in your groups.
  • Increase your clients’ engagement and participation through dynamic leadership skills.


For more information, contact the Skills Development Centre:
Skills Development Centre
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Life Skills Coaching Programs

Life Skills Coach Certificate - Phase 1

Life Skills Coach Certificate - Phase 1

Life Skills Coach Certificate - Phase 2

Life Skills Coach Certificate - Phase 2

Life Skills Publications

The Discovering Life Skills manuals are an indispensable tool for Life Skills Coaches, group leaders and facilitators designing and delivering workshops for adults and youth.

Rooted in principles of experiential learning and the Saskatchewan NewStart Life Skills model, the nine English manuals contain over 500 ready-to-use tested lesson plans on a variety of topics.

The Discovering Life Skills series can help professional group leaders increase their confidence and decrease their preparation time with the easy-to-use lessons plan templates, tips, games, activities and exercises.

The manuals can be ordered individually or as a set.

You can view an appendix of Lessons Provided [PDF]

To purchase Publications in English, visit the YWCA Toronto Shop.
To purchase Publications in French, visit the YWCA Toronto Shop.

If you want further information about the publications, contact:
416.269.0091 x231
416.531.3907 (fax)
1.866.460.5595 (Toll free number)

Life Skills Coaching Resources

Life Skills Training Partnerships 

Private, in-house training 

Life Skills Programs’ 40th Anniversary Celebration

YWCA Toronto's Life Skills Programs' 40th Anniversary Celebration Presentations:
YWCA Toronto Life Skills – Then and Now [PDF]
Creative Problem Solving [PDF]
Creative Wisdom Circles [PDF]

Life Skills Programs' 40th Anniversary Celebration Video [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]



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