Show Up for a Better Toronto!

Election Day is June 26th, 2023

We need a mayor who is ready to show up to meet the needs of our diverse communities and address the affordability crisis, safety concerns, and systemic inequities growing along racial, gender, and neighbourhood lines in Toronto.

Women, Black, Indigenous and racialized communities, newcomers, seniors, youth, gender diverse people, people with disabilities, and people on fixed incomes are disproportionately impacted by the crises facing our City.

With an election for a new Toronto mayor on the line, we are calling on all candidates to prioritize gender and racial equity and invest in poverty and violence reduction.

More than 45 community organizations across the City have come together to call on mayoral candidates to show up for:

  1. Housing and shelter: Invest municipal land and funding to build deeply affordable housing options for women, gender diverse people and their families.
  2. Transit and internet: Ensure the TTC is safe, accessible and affordable, particularly for women and gender diverse people, people with disabilities and low-income individuals, and that all resident can access the internet.
  3. Decent work: Increase non-profit organizations core funding to ensure they can create safe and equitable workplaces that are able to develop and sustain staff.
  4. Community safety: Adequately resource Toronto’s Gender Equity Strategy and meaningfully invest in culturally-responsive and trauma-informed approaches to community safety.
  5. Community wellbeing: Invest in free recreational programs, food programs, and green spaces across the city, particularly for girls and youth.
Click here to read the full #ShowUpTO campaign platform.

On June 26, let’s #ShowUpTO and vote for a better City for all!



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