Dear Friends,

YWCA Toronto seeks a radical transformation of society where all women, girls and gender diverse people can thrive.

During a challenging year, YWCA Toronto championed creative solutions to support our community members and protect our staff. As a reflection of our collective capacity to create change, we are proud to present YWCA Toronto's  2021 Annual Report: Change is Possible.

We know how fundamental access to sustainable employment and affordable housing is to building back better during the pandemic, especially for newcomers, racialized women and gender diverse individuals and families who have faced heightened challenges.

YWCA Toronto is proud to step up. In our report, you will find stories about YWCA Toronto’s impact and the scope of our reach. We invite you to reflect on these stories and continue to align with us as we provide transformative housing, shelter, employment, child care, and healing services.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our report.

Kind regards,

Kelly Goldthorpe
President, Board of Directors
YWCA Toronto

Heather McGregor
Chief Executive Officer
YWCA Toronto