Champion Women

It’s time to celebrate loudly and boldly the unsung champions in our city. The single moms building safer, vibrant futures for themselves and their children; the mentors blazing trails for other women to follow; the leaders reshaping the world for women and girls from diverse communities; the women overcoming violence to embrace brighter days; the women and girls encountering obstacles and crises, who continue to rise up with resilience and determination. These are champion women.

Will you join us? Champion women right now, by giving.

Every day of the year, YWCA Toronto is there for any woman or girl who needs us. We help thousands of girls, women and families find shelter, secure housing and access programs that build sustainable futures. We provide 517 units of permanent housing to women and their children, including 50 units designated specifically for Indigenous women who are more likely to experience gender-based violence leading to homelessness.

Our empowering programs for girls help hundreds of young women each year find their voices and move into the world with the confidence and resolve to create change. Our advocacy staff works hard to create change too. We advocate for policies that address gender-based violence and put women’s safety first. We believe access to affordable housing is a basic human right, and relentlessly push for this at all levels of government.

Every day, we champion women. Today, will you join us?

Be a champion too. Help more women move beyond violence into safety. Help more girls speak up and speak out. Help advocate for more services and better policies that prioritize women’s safety and that make safe, affordable housing a reality. Champion women. Donate.