Election Day is October 24, 2022

It’s time to vote for a more equitable Toronto!

We urgently need greater municipal investment to address systemic inequities growing along racial, gender and neighborhood lines in Toronto.

As Torontonians work to navigate the rising cost of living and food insecurity, an epidemic of gender-based violence and inadequate housing, it is crucial that all municipal candidates understand what’s at stake.

From Etobicoke to Scarborough, women, girls and gender diverse people are disproportionately impacted by poverty, violence and systemic oppression – particularly if they are Indigenous, racialized, living with disabilities, newcomers, seniors, trans and/or queer. All of these inequities have been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This election, call on city council candidates to prioritize gender equity.

More than 35 community organizations across Toronto have joined together to call on all municipal election candidates to centre gender equity this election and commit to prioritizing:

1. Housing and shelter: Increase affordable and safe housing options for women and gender diverse people.

2. Transit and internet: Ensure the TTC is safe, accessible and affordable, particularly for women and gender diverse people, people living with disabilities and low-income individuals, and that all residents can access the internet.

3. Decent work: Enhance wages and implement better working conditions for frontline and nonprofit workers, a largely feminized and racialized segment of the workforce.

4. Community safety: Increase funding for trauma-informed and culturally-responsive approaches to community safety, including full funding for a robust Gender Equity Strategy.

5. Community wellbeing: Create greater access to free recreation programs across the city for girls and youth, including food programs.

Read the full platform here.

Toronto must be a leader in addressing the disparities faced by women, girl and gender diverse people.

Send a message to your local candidates today and vote for equity on October 24.