Will you support the Urgent Home Campaign?

How can anyone be expected to survive in Toronto in 2022 without a safe, affordable, supportive place to live? The housing crisis in Toronto is getting worse every day, and women, girls, and gender diverse people across the city are some of the most impacted.

YWCA Toronto has recently launched the Urgent Home Campaign in order to address the dire reality that many in our city are without safe, affordable, supportive housing right now.

The Urgent Home Campaign is built around five core demands. When you fill out the form on this page, a letter will be automatically sent to your new City Councillor, telling them how important this issue is to you and asking them to:

1. Create and fully fund a Toronto Housing Commissioner’s Office.

2. Increase funding to the Toronto Tenant Support Program (TTSP), expand the program to include ‘renovictions’ and ‘demovictions’ and increase tenant hotline service hours of operation.

3. To address overcrowding, implement the enhanced new shelter model with its focus on housing, and its complimentary shelter and health framework, first announced five years ago.

4. Create new processes to document and eliminate housing discrimination toward newcomers, racialized, Indigenous and Black Torontonians, residents on fixed incomes, survivors of gender-based violence and/or people living with disabilities.

5. Increase access to social housing for low-income families.

The housing crisis affects all of us, and it disproportionately impacts those of us who identify as Indigenous, Black, racialized, newcomer, senior, gender diverse, trans and queer women, women living with disabilities and those with precarious immigration status. We all have a right to safe, affordable, supportive housing.

With a new City Council in place, the municipal election behind us and a very cold winter ahead, will you join us and send your Urgent Home Campaign letter right now?