Scatterhomes are 81 formally Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) owned individual homes and multi-unit buildings located in the West End of Toronto. They are now owned by Neighborhood Land Trust. Effective April 1, 2022, YWCA Toronto will provide property services, administer rent collection, follow applicable City of Toronto Guidelines, RTA processes and offer information to strengthen tenancies.

New applicants for Scatterhomes program must be women or gender diverse individuals and their families. Women and/or gender diverse people will be the lease holders and all other members of the household will be listed as occupants. Tenants must be able to live independently.

Scatterhomes offers permanent affordable/subsidized housing for women or gender diverse individuals and their families. The units are single family homes or multi-family units with outdoor spaces for families to grow.

Eligible applicants must be referred through City of Toronto centralized waitlist. Applications are selected based on chronological date of submission.

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