YWCA Girls’ Council

Girls know girls best. The YWCA Girls’ Council is a group of girls and young women who develop, plan and evaluate programs at the YWCA Girls’ Centre. Girls participate in special events, community outreach, advocacy and media initiatives.

  • leadership skills and experience

  • new friends

  • individual support and resources from caring Girls’ Centre staff

  • special events and trips

  • information and guidance on employment opportunities

  • individual counselling, resources and referrals

  • opportunities to represent YWCA Girls’ Council at conferences and events

  • opportunities to discuss issues such as bullying, feminism, gender violence, environmental issues, media literacy

  • The Cause, youth networking event

  • YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

  • Safe Schools consultation

  • It’s a Teen's World documentary

  • Northern Lights initiative

  • Climate Change Action Day

  • My Toronto is YWCA production on CTV

  • PLAN Canada’s Because I am Girl Campaign

  • Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Campaign for All Girls

  • Urban Alliance’s Gender Violence Media Project

  • YWCA staff newsletter

Girls 14 years of age and older who want to develop leadership skills and contribute to their community

The Girls’ Council meets regularly throughout the year.

416.266.1232 x26