You have signed our petition calling for an end to gender-based violence. Your solidarity matters. Today, you can extend your support with a donation to help some of the most marginalized women, girls and gender-diverse people in our city.

YWCA Toronto exists to champion both the leaders of today and the future power of our movement. Our dedication to improving the lives of women and girls is at the heart of everything we do.

Champion the single moms building better lives for their children. Champion the mentors blazing trails for other women to follow. Champion the leaders reshaping the world for women and girls. Champion newcomer women who are starting over. Champion the women and girls who encounter obstacles and crises, but who rise up with resilience and determination.

Give today to champion programs that help thousands of women and girls find safety, access affordable housing, secure jobs and build a brighter future. Donate.

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For more information, contact Mitzi Reinsilber, Manager of Annual Giving
at or 416.961.8101 x359.