YWCA Toronto conducts community-based research that advances substantive gender equality and racial justice in Toronto.  

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Indigenous Women from the Sixties Scoop Healing through the Full Moon Ceremony and Storytelling at Winona’s Place

This report summarizes a community-based project at YWCA Toronto’s Winona’s Place establishing an environment to promote cultural connection for Indigenous women who are Sixties Scoop survivors.

The objectives were to:
1. Increase their cultural knowledge through teachings and engaging with knowledge carriers,
2. Participate in a full moon ceremony and teaching circles, and
3. Identify other supports and resources the women require.

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The Hidden Impacts of Gun Violence

This report incorporates an intersectional gender lens to explore the issue of gun violence in the communities YWCA Toronto serves. Through an examination of academic literature and interviews with YWCA Toronto staff working in various communities across the city, specific organizational gaps and recommendations are identified to support Black girls, women and their children.

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Girls Only.

This report presents a clear case for the benefits of girls-centred extra-curricular programming. The program evaluation consists of four focus group interviews with program participants, interviews with staff members, and surveys of parents and guardians at the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre located in Scarborough, Ontario. The three major impacts that emerged in the evaluation are the development of leadership skills, confidence and social skills. This report was prepared by policy consultants at the Public Good Initiative.

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