10 Feminist Resolutions for 2020

YWCA Toronto
YWCA Toronto
December 17, 2019
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Stop Fear
I will not be afraid to do what my body and mind require to stay healthy and happy.
I will not feel fear when I ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It is okay to feel weak at times.

Resolution: I will not feel fear to be myself or to ask for help.
Art by Natalia Vico  


Break Judgement
I will not judge others based on their appearance; I will not judge myself based on my appearance.
I will listen first and form an opinion afterwards. I will seek to delay judgement and embrace active listening.

Resolution: I will try to listen and reserve judgement.
Art by @blessthemessy


Conscious Feminist
I will strive to make my feminism more inclusive. I understand that people have different experiences, and I will commit to listening and learning in order to be a better feminist.
My feminism must be mindful of the diverse needs, experiences and interests of women, non-binary and trans people.

Resolution: I will strive to be a conscious feminist. 
Art by Martine Ehrhart


Indigenous Solidarity
I will read the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.
I will reflect on how I can work in solidarity with Indigenous women as they seek justice, safety, and accommodation. I will listen and act.

Resolution: I will educate myself and take action in support of the social, political and economic rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Art by Jay Soule


Me First
I will stop feeling selfish when I put myself first.
I will listen to my needs. That might mean taking a sick day if I can afford to do so. That might mean disengaging from a situation if I sense myself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, frustrated or unsafe.

Resolution: I value inner peace; I acknowledge that inner peace is a skill that requires cultivation and effort.
Art by Audrey Lee


Banish Doubt
I will stop apologizing for taking up space, asking a question, expressing an opinion or having a need.
I will not doubt myself for thinking differently than someone else. I will not hesitate to express my concern if I have one.

Resolution: I will not doubt myself; I will not apologize for expressing myself.
Art by Tyler Feder


Master Failure
I will allow myself to fail. I recognize that the journey to success, however measured, is paved with failure. I will try to embrace failure and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow.
I will replace, “why is this happening to me,” with “what is this trying to teach me?”

Resolution: I will master failure.
Art by Frizz Kid


Break Oppressive Gender Norms
I will not shame women who break gender norms nor will I shame women who do not conform.
I will support the ambitions and demands of non-binary folks and communities. I will listen.

Resolution: I will recognize and respect all gender identities. I understand that traditional gender norms have been oppressive to everyone, including non-binary people and women.
Art by Ethan X. Parker


Financial Literacy
I recognize that financial literacy is an important part of financial independence. I acknowledge that having a contingency fund is critical to ending a bad relationship.
I will try to keep track of spending, save money where possible, and seek information as needed to make financially sound decisions.

Resolution: I will engage in forward thinking financial planning to ensure a secure and stable future for myself and my dependents.
Art by the Equality Institute


Radical Self-Reflection
I will seek a deeper understanding of who I am. I will critically reflect on my actions and motivations so I can learn and grow.
I recognize that self-knowledge is the source of all knowledge.

Resolution: I will seek a deeper understanding of myself to become a better person.
Art by @LizAndMollie


Give More
I will do more by supporting charities I believe in. If I have the financial means to do so, I will put my money where my values are. When I give without expecting anything in return, that is when I am richest.
I will support feminist organizations like YWCA Toronto that advocate for systemic change and are committed to serving girls and women.

Resolution: I will pick one charity of choice to become a monthly supporter.
Image by Chang Duong  


By Jasmine Ramze Rezaee, Manager of Advocacy, YWCA Toronto
(Cover image by Jamie Street)