Election Day is September 20th

The pandemic has exposed troubling gender and racial inequities.

Lockdowns cut off access to in-person schooling and child care. A disturbing uptick in gender-based violence compromised the safety of many community members. Inadequate working conditions left women on the frontlines to assume high levels of risk for low pay.

COVID’s many challenges are particularly acute for Indigenous, racialized and newcomer women, women with disabilities, refugees, and 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

The time for action is now. YWCA Toronto is urging all federal political parties to prioritize gender equity!

We call on all candidates to prioritize gender equity by incorporating these key components in their bid for your vote:

• Universal Child Care – Support the creation of a universal, affordable, non-profit led child care system.
• Deeply Affordable Housing –
Invest in the expansion of a range of safe, affordable housing and create a Residential Tenant Support Benefit.
• Income Security for All –
Ensure an adequate, livable income for all residents of Canada.
• A Well-Funded Plan to End Gender-Based Violence –
Spend billions, not just millions, on ending gender-based violence.

Access our full election priorities.

The pandemic shone a bright light on what is broken in our society. A feminist recovery from this period provides a chance for us finally to get it right!

On September 20th, be sure to get out and vote. #YourVoiceMatters