Pacha the Mama Llama

YWCA Toronto has partnered with a local children’s book author and illustrator, Luigi R. La Corte, on his book, Pacha the Mama Llama. The book is about a mother llama named Pacha who moves from a barren but beautiful hill in Peru to Machu Picchu to better provide for her babies. It’s about strong independent women who make sacrifices to better provide for themselves and loved ones.

Luigi will be generously donating 50% of the net proceeds of every book sold to YWCA Toronto - get your copy today!

Pacha the Mama Llama

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After dreaming of a bright future for her children, Pacha bravely sets out for a new home. She and her family encounter some scary times and tough environments, but endure the hardships as they look forward to a better life.

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