A Song for the Future

Julie Neff and Ellefante (Brazil) have released a collaboration filmed with Home Sweet Sessions called "How Do I Get By?". The song and video are accompanied by a campaign to raise funds for YWCA Toronto. Thank you for considering a donation to help women and girls in our city. The threat of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us, but there are many who are at extreme risk right now. Our mission at YWCA Toronto remains to provide safe and supportive spaces for the most vulnerable women and girls in Toronto. Your donation today will help with the increased and unexpected costs of ensuring the very highest standards of hygiene, safety and support for all these women and their children at this critical time.

When Ellefante and I wrote this song, we wanted to find the perspective of the invisible person in society, the person asking us for change on the street corner, the woman sleeping in her car while still trying to keep her job, the man who's mental health issues have put him back on the street over and over again. Living in a big city can be overwhelming at times — there is so much need that often we don’t know where to start. For the lyrics of this song, I am really speaking to myself, because — as an empathetic person — I have often shut out the emotions of seeing such pain and desperation each day as a way for me to cope in my day to day life. But somewhere along the way, I lost more of my empathy that I had intended to lose and I wasn’t DOING anything to actually help. It’s one thing to say you care and it’s another thing to back it up with action. So, for this release, I am asking people to take a step towards helping those around us by donating to the YWCA Toronto.

— Julie Neff, former YWCA Toronto Board Member

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For more information, contact Courtney Hogan, Events and Stewardship Officer at
chogan@ywcatoronto.org or 416.961.8101 x357.