The Neighbourhood Land Trust & YWCA Toronto Initiative

The City of Toronto and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) has transferred 81 single-family homes and small buildings in Toronto’s west end to The Neighbourhood Land Trust (NLT). The NLT has partnered with YWCA Toronto to operate this unique social housing portfolio. These homes will remain affordable housing in perpetuity; held together in non-profit community ownership.

NLT and the YWCA Scatterhomes Press Release - April 4, 2022
Joint Press Release with the City of Toronto - June 25, 2021
Tenants Q&A

The NLT and YWCA Toronto have expertise in providing dignified affordable housing and responsive property management service. We are committed to offering tenants timely and efficient property management and customer service.

Existing tenants will not lose their housing or their subsidy, if they receive one, and will not be required to move due to the transfer of ownership. Until the NLT takes ownership, TCHC will remain the landlord.

This initiative advances gender and racial equity by providing critical housing access to women-led families. Upon turn-over of units, YWCA Toronto will provide new rent geared to income (RGI) housing opportunities to women-led households on the City of Toronto’s Centralized Waiting List for affordable housing.

The NLT and YWCA Toronto will assure that these units of important affordable housing are well maintained. In addition, through partnerships with Building Up, Toronto’s leading social contractor, and the Toronto Environmental Alliance, we will ensure that investments made to repair and improve the homes will also provide local employment to equity seeking community members as well as sustainability benefits.

Through this historic initiative we are showing the power of the Community Land Trust model to preserve affordable housing in our communities and build more equitable local economies! In addition, through the NLT’s community-based governance model, tenants will have new opportunities to participate in decisions about their housing as well as efforts to build more equitable communities.

About The Neighbourhood Land Trust

The Neighbourhood Land Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organization that owns and manages land in a community ownership model. NLT partners with experienced social housing providers, who then provide high quality affordable housing, supportive housing, and community economic development programs. NLT is dedicated to ensuring the perpetual affordability of all properties which it owns. The NLT is the charitable arm of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT). Learn more at

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