Staffing and Payroll Services 

YWCA Toronto can provide you with specialized HR and payroll training and insight. 

Help Drafting the Job Description
We can help you identify and describe the tasks and responsibilities of the intended job position and identify the qualifications required to perform to standards in the field.

Job Posting and Candidate Selection
If a suitable candidate from our current pool of job-ready candidates is not currently available, we’ll distribute the position among our networks until the right candidate is selected, interviewed and deemed suitable to match the requirements for the position.

HR and Payroll Support 
Once a candidate has been accepted by the employer as a suitable match, we will process payroll payments and maintain related documentation as per standards in the field.

Individuals, teams, business and organizations in the public, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Women ready and willing to join the workforce in a broad range of job positions.

YWCA Toronto’s diverse candidates include:

Qualified and pre-screened candidates from different sectors
Experienced professionals, including internationally trained professionals
Women looking for their first job in Canada
Women trying to build or change their careers

Fees are determined according to the level of the position to be filled and the complexity of the request for staffing and payroll services. Call us to discuss your needs and let us help you fill your contract positions.

Eva Pakyam, Manager
416.269.0091 x229

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