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Career Assessment & Planning Counselling

$550 CAD

Individual Services $550.00/package

  • 5 hours of individual career counseling
  • assessment of occupational interests and transferable skills
  • evaluation of realistic work expectations and occupational goals
  • a career profile and action plan with short and long term goals
  • latest updates on the Toronto area labour market
  • MBTI - Myer-Brigg’s Type Indicator (personality type)
  • Strong II - Strong Interest Inventory (occupational Interests)
  • Personality Dimensions (temperament/personality)
  • Values Card Sort
  • Skills Card Sort
  • complete resource binder with detailed information and handouts of all the items and topics covered by the counsellors during the process 

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YWCA Toronto will be a leader in transforming the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged women and girls in Toronto.


YWCA Toronto accomplishes this vision by being a strong advocate for women and girls, providing transformative services in the areas of employment support and training, housing options and shelters, leadership development programs for girls and key supports for women and children who have experienced violence.