Meet the 2014 YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction (left to right). Click on their names below to learn more about their transformative work.

BRENDA ANDRESS | Health & Sports
Without Brenda Andress, women wouldn’t have a career pathway into the male-dominated world of professional hockey.

DR. AKUA BENJAMIN | Social Justice
Akua Benjamin’s work as an educator, advocate and social worker focuses on relationships between sexism and racism in Canadian culture and institutions.

SHERRY BRYDSON | Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur Sherry Brydson’s spirited feminism has fuelled a lifelong commitment to empowering women and girls.

CHERYL CARBIS | Leadership
While men continue to dominate the world of skilled trades, more women are pursuing lucrative careers as skilled tradespersons thanks to trailblazers like Cheryl Carbis.

SUE CHUN | Young Woman of Distinction
Filmmaker Sue Chun’s gift for multimedia storytelling has cast Toronto’s Jane-Finch community in a new light and empowered countless marginalized girls and young women.

NANCY COLDHAM | Advocacy & Political Action
Nancy Coldham has spent three decades breaking down barriers to greater representation of women at political and corporate decision-making tables.

KATHY LEVENE | Mental Health
As a clinician and scientist, Kathy Levene’s feminist lens for research and practice has had a profound impact on girls’ mental health in Canada and beyond.