In addition to working in a woman-centred workplace with a clear mission, employees at YWCA Toronto enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. The YWCA has various policies to ensure a supportive work environment.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Policy: YWCA Toronto is committed to creating and maintaining workplaces, living spaces and programs free of discrimination and harassment.

Employment Equity Policy: YWCA Toronto is committed to providing equality of treatment and opportunity to all staff and applicants.

Training and Development Policy: YWCA Toronto encourages the professional development of employees.

Health and Safety Policy: YWCA Toronto is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that is safe and healthy, protecting employees and participants from injury and accident.

Perfume-Free Policy: With an increase in the prevalence of individuals who are chemically sensitive, YWCA Toronto has adopted a Perfume-Free Policy in order to ensure that our workplace environment is a comfortable and healthy one for all.