Employees at YWCA Toronto are guided by the following vision, mission and beliefs which provide a context for our values and our work.

Vision statement

YWCA Toronto will be a leader in transforming the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged women and girls in Toronto. 

Mission statement

YWCA Toronto accomplishes this vision by being a strong advocate for women and girls, providing transformative services in the areas of employment support and training, housing options and shelters, leadership development programs for girls and key supports for women and children who have experienced violence.

The mission of YWCA Toronto is defined broadly by its membership in the YWCA Canada and the World YWCA.


A feminist workplace

The following beliefs guide the policies, planning and operation of the Association.

Every woman is unique and must be treated with respect and equity.
Every woman has the right to social and economic justice.
Every woman has the right to self-determination and the responsibility to contribute to society in her own way.
These beliefs form the basis of feminism at YWCA Toronto.


YWCA Toronto is a unionized workplace.

Bargaining Unit staff are represented by CUPE Local 2189.