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Career Assessment & Planning

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The Career Assessment and Planning program provides clarity and direction to women, men and youth at crossroads in their careers.

Who is this program for?

Women and men who are:

  • uncertain of career direction
  • dealing with change or possible downsizing at work
  • looking for new opportunities
  • in need of a career adjustment due to accident, illness or other circumstances
  • considering starting their own business
  • making decisions about further education and training opportunities

 For youth who are:

  • looking for unbiased advice about suitable and realistic occupations that match interests and abilities
  • choosing university and college programs
  • out of school and ready to look at educational and career opportunities 

What does this program offer?

Individual Services $550.00/package

  • 5 hours of individual career counseling
  • assessment of occupational interests and transferable skills
  • evaluation of realistic work expectations and occupational goals
  • a career profile and action plan with short and long term goals
  • latest updates on the Toronto area labour market
  • MBTI - Myer-Brigg’s Type Indicator (personality type)
  • Strong II - Strong Interest Inventory (occupational Interests)
  • Personality Dimensions (temperament/personality)
  • Values Card Sort
  • Skills Card Sort
  • complete resource binder with detailed information and handouts of all the items and topics covered by the counsellors during the process 


By appointment only. Appointments are arranged according to the availability of the participant and the counsellor during business hours, evenings or weekends.

Who do I contact?

Lea Rideout, Program Administrator
416.269.0091 x270
416.531.3907 (fax)
1.866.460.5595 (Toll free number) 

Career Assessment & Planning


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